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Kung Fu San Soo classes focus on the pure application of fighting techniques in combat. You learn a martial art skill that can quickly provide you the knowledge to defend yourself in life threatening situations.

Kung Fu San Soo has no boundaries, no rules, and no limit when it comes to target, technique or method of engagement. It's sole purpose is to win in combat.

We provide you Fighting Skills encompassing Strikes, Leverages, and Throws.

San Soo Tulsa provides you the opportunity to learn and perform an abundance of martial arts exercises, drills, and hand and weapon forms. Our skill based program utilizes the lesson sets of Ah Soo, Fut Ga, Choi Li Ho, Top Ga, and Numpi that take you through stages of combat building you into a powerful and accurate fighter!

If you want to learn to defend yourself quickly or you are in a profession that relies on your ability to physically control others. Call us today and get started now.

Bill Hulsey “I have known Mac since he signed up at my school in 1982.  He was among the best that I have ever trained.  He also took private lessons from me for an extended period of time.  He was indeed awarded his black belt in 1985 from me.  He has continuously studied the art since that time and is a member in good standing in my association.  If you are considering studying from him I highly recommend it.  He is one of the few I would recommend.  His knowledge of the art far exceeds many of those I have known.  He is also a man of great character and is an excellent teacher.”

Please rest assured that if you train with him you will indeed get the kind of training you desire.
Bill Hulsey - San Soo Master

Personal Training and Private Lessons Also Available: