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No one is more committed or more capable of preparing you and your family with efficient and effective self defense. Best yet, we are also improving ourselves so we can be even better at it! Talk about a win-win!!!! Come see us and try it free for yourself!. We emphasise the fact that no two situations are alike. Our approach to self-defense centers on the no nonsense understanding of what fighting for survival truly means. Therefore we provide complementary programs that build the total warrior.  Krav Maga is battle tested daily on the streets of Israel. It is the best method we have found to get individuals up to speed quickly for a violent encounter. Kung Fu San Soo is the most expansive and complete combat martial art. San Soo is never ending in what an individual can learn and experience. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is known worldwide for it's effectiveness in confrontations that go to the ground. We are continuously learning and upgrading ourselves and our curriculum to ensure you get the best education and training in the region.

Our Staff of Certified Black Belt Instructors believe the focus should solely be on you the student!

Young or old, we all have the same need for protection. If you are put in a self defense situation right now. What would you do? There is no time to get ready. Whatever shape or condition you are in - is what you will bring to the battle. Bullies are everywhere and at all ages. Our Krav Maga, San Soo, Kickboxing and BJJ curriculum provides confidence and builds you up at your pace. San Soo Tulsa provides you the opportunity to learn and apply effective and efficient fighting lessons and techniques used by law enforcement and elite military professionals.

At San Soo Tulsa you will learn the most effective and efficient fighting techniques used by law enforcement and elite military professionals!

San Soo History

San Soo is considered, by many, to be the most sophisticated and complete form of martial art in existence today.

Inside Kung Fu Magazine refers to San Soo as "Legendary" and " Devastating".

San Soo is well known for its incredible power and efficiency in all ranges of combat.  It is considered the original mixed martial art by being the best of the ancient Five Families (Cho, Li, Ho, Fut, and Hung) from which most all other arts are based.

Jim Woo

Chin Siu Dek (Jimmy's real name) was taught by his Great Uncle Chin Siu Hung who was nicknamed Chin Neow Gee, which means "Crazy Devil."  Hung was an extremely large man, 6'5" tall and weighing well over 320 pounds.  Following in his grandfather's footsteps, Hung became a well-known fighter, teaching in his own San Soo school.

He was overlord for the entire province, which at that time, late 1800's and until 1941 was about the size of Orange County, CA.  He had complete control over nearly every aspect of the lives of the people in the area.  No one started a business, moved or made any other major decisions without consulting Hung.

Frank Woolsey

Frank Woolsey was one of Jimmy Woo's earliest non-Asian students, and one of the best. Woolsey opened his first studio in 1963, in Downey, California and, then opened his second school in 1968.

At the peak of his Kung Fu business career, Woolsey had five studios open in the southern California area, and was looking at Arizona and Nevada markets as well. All five schools closed in 1975 for a number of different reasons, but the most pivotal, was the sudden loss of interest in Kung Fu by the public. Attendance and sales dropped dramatically, and the once thriving corporation collapsed.

Bill Hulsey

Master Bill Hulsey is a 1st generation master taught by Grand Master Jimmy Woo who brought the martial art of Kung Fu San Soo to the United States from China.  Master Bill was also a student of Frank Woolsey who is legendary for his motivation to turn ordinary people into street fighters.  Master Bill Hulsey opened up his first studio in Bellflower in 1975.  He has been training men, women and children ever since.

He is the President of the National Teachers Association of Kung Fu San Soo and to further propagate the art of Kung Fu San Soo he holds an annual seminar each summer at his studio in Bellflower, California.