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  • "Thanks Master Mac for a wonderful workout today. I have been working out at San Soo Tulsa for 1 year this month. In that time I have been able to earn my green belt. I have truly enjoyed the instruction and training I have received. However, that is only a small part of what this past year has given me. I have lost 65 lbs. My waist size has gone from a tight 42 inch to a loose 34 inch. I no longer need anxiety medication or blood pressure medication. I am able to run between a mile to a mile and a half daily. I can do set ups hanging from a heavy bag and I'm working on doing wall push ups...Thank you was one of the best decision I have made for myself and my family to walk through the doors of San Soo Tulsa..."
    Mark Turner - Member
  • Tricia Currington Lutherbeck "I had a great time today at your women's self defense class! I'm already looking for some butts to kick :) Thanks for having it! Lots of good info and usable techniques!"
    Tricia Currington Lutherbeck - Guest
  • Cheri Chappell "I want to thank my people at San Soo Tulsa for being there for me, training me, pushing me to be my best. The improvement under their instruction is quite obvious with my Gold at NAGA yesterday. Not only have I jumped leaps and bounds in Jiu Jitsu but also in my kickboxing. These are TRUE Martial Artist dedicating their lives to a TRUE Martial Arts School where Iron Sharpens Iron and the Weak Become Strong!!!!"
    Cheri Chappell - Member
  • Bill Hulsey “I have known Mac since he signed up at my school in 1982.  He was among the best that I have ever trained.  He also took private lessons from me for an extended period of time.  He was indeed awarded his black belt in 1985 from me.  He has continuously studied the art since that time and is a member in good standing in my association.  If you are considering studying from him I highly recommend it.  He is one of the few I would recommend.  His knowledge of the art far exceeds many of those I have known.  He is also a man of great character and is an excellent teacher.”

    Please rest assured that if you train with him you will indeed get the kind of training you desire.
    Bill Hulsey - San Soo Master

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